St. Louis born. California and New York educated. Now proud to be back in the Midwest, because it truly is the best.


I am a graphic designer specializing in interactive design. I was formally trained at Parson's The New School for Design.

My skills span across print and digital spaces. I feel like each have something to teach each other. A website should feel as easy to approach as a nicely typeset print article. A book cover should force you to turn the book over and a homepage should get you to click and stay a little longer.

My most recent role has been as senior designer at 270 Strategies. Specializing in political and non-profit work. Working with a team of strategists we identify audience and goals and then create tactics to drive those audiences to the desired goals. Websites, digital ads, social media, and email design are often the tactics where my design skills are put to the test.

In addition to the strategy and design, I play a hands on role in project, client, and developer management. I take pride in being a clear communicator across teams, successful design requires everyone understanding your intentions and process.

I also like to have fun! I enjoy beer, food, and yoga. My undergrad degree is in Film Production from Chapman University. My love for movies is strong, please don't ask me to pick a favorite. And I once ran the nerdiest type blog.

If you would like, please download my Résumé.  If you want to chat email me at laurenruggeri@gmail.com.