Echo Logistics is a 3rd party freight broker that serves as a middle man between customers and carriers. Their 800 person sales team quotes, books, tracks and invoices thousands of shipments a day. Echo needed an overhaul to their Transportation Management System (TMS) from an 8 year old outdated system to a modern, scalable technology. 


Redesigning the TMS would be approached one business process at time, starting with Rate & Quote. This process currently relied on three legacy tools that needed to be combined into one more agile platform. Concurrent with the EchoAccelerator Design system work, the outcome had to be scalable product that eventually would handle the entire shipment lifecycle.

Discovery Research

If I was to create the best possible freight quoting tool I had to first understand how freight is priced. I worked with business stakeholders and sales reps to document the process in a workflow. This work allowed me to see overlap in the 3 legacy tools and start to understand how we could streamline them into one. It also helped me to develop our personas, specifically understanding how tenure changes this process.



Core Rep, 3-months with Echo
Manages 1-5 truckloads a month. Recently placed into a traditional sales team. High-energy and spends 80% of the day cold calling. Limited interactions with carrier sales. Generally wins freight based on price.

Core Rep, 2-years with Echo
Handles 5-10 new truckloads a week. Transitioning from handling all daily operations to ops supporting some of this work.  Has established a positive, lucrative relationship with carrier sales. Has experienced some market volatility and understands the shifts in capacity supply and shipper demand.

Sales Ops Account Executive, 2-years with Echo
Manages 15-20 truckloads a day. Detail oriented with a willingness to think beyond the core responsibilities of the role. Load entry and appointment scheduling are the majority of their day.Has built adequate rapport with carrier sales

National Sales Rep, 10-year with Echo
Handles 15 new truckloads a day. Has one ops support rep to aid with load creation, tracking, and exception management. Has established a positive, lucrative relationship with carrier sales. Proficient navigator of the truckload market and has experienced much volatility over the years.

Subject Matter Experts (SME) Panel

One benefit of working on an internal tool is easy access to your users. Based on the identified personas we selected 17 SMEs and created a SME panel. As a first step I conducted 1:1 interviews with each SME. The goal of these interviews was to understand current processes, pain points and dream features. I also wanted to validate that  the assumptions made by the product team and business stakeholders were aligned to the needs of our users.


Working closely with the Product Manager, Front End Product Owner and Backend Product Owner, requirements were identified and wireframe iterations were kicked off. The SME panel was a powerful source of design validation.



High fidelity mocks were validated by our SME panel and presented to business stakeholders. Development was kicked off and is currently ongoing. Our SME Panel is an ongoing resource for validation as we continue to rework the design and add new features.


Tools Used


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